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About Us


About Us
About Us

                      ALPHA EXCHANGE PLATFORM  (AEP)

ALPHA EXCHANGE PLATFORM is a private membership only Exchange platform backed by American GOLD (AU) built on the labor and economies of a set of companies that offer sustainable and innovative solutions for the new era of global financial markets, encompassing:

Operation of an exchange for the trading of a constant maturity future for interest rate swaps.  Development of related new Tradable marketable assets and product indices. 

Consultancy on exchange strategy, product development, clearing and regulation. Provision of exchange, clearing house and depository platform technology

Creation and operation of low cost electronic exchanges in equities, debt, FX, derivatives and commodities in developing and, in a targeted way, developed markets. 

Interconnectivity of exchanges to each other creating a global network of liquidity.  Business development to enhance liquidity in partner exchange products.

Mobile Trading

Stay connected and manage your trading account while on the move. Access financial markets, technical analysis and stay up-to-date with news and events without being tied to your desk.


ALPHA WEALTH MANAGEMENT GROUP, INC. is an Asset Management firm. We provide strategic consulting in Oil/Gas, Real Estate and Technology.  Our business affiliates offer; business plan, sales and strategy development. (“Syndication, Portfolio Management”). 

We are value investors who search the globe for undervalued assets within our risk/reward framework. Once such assets reach fair value, we are all too happy to sell and replace them with others.

We believe there are always undervalued assets to buy if you know where to look and how to analyze. We continue to extend our services to new Investors and Sellers. If you are an Investor (” Buyer”) or Seller of (“Distressed Assets”), we welcome your business.


ALPHA not a bank.  We are the reserve.  Assets equal to our affiliates cash reserves.

Your portfolio is at your fingertips,,,,100% of the time.

1) Personal and Business Payments are just a click away.
    a) DEBIT CARDS: VISA or Master Card

2) Precious Metals Portfolio
    a) Gold / AU:  Large quantity available referred to as    "THE SPECIAL TICKET"

3) Currency Reserve
     a) Transfer money:  FREE​
​b) Convert your funds between 30 currencies instantly and securely

Our Goals
Interconnectivity of exchanges to each other creating a global network of liquidity

Stakeholders include Deutsche Börse AG, Société Générale Corporate &  Alpha Wealth Management Group, Inc. Private Investment Banking